At Del Mondo our beliefs drive us to deliver high quality products. Our foremost belief, is that a shoe is not a mere commodity, but a extension of your personality, a shoe is not to cover your feet but to express What you Stand for? as an individual. The craftmanship involved is very much visible throughout our range and catches the eye of every onlooker. Believe it or not but a man is really judged by the kind of shoes he wears. However, a sassy gentleman expresses himself via his clothing and shoes which predominantly are the most important piece of the entire outfit.
DEL MONDO has the finest range of shoes for to go along with all kinds of apparels. The unique designs are the perfect combinations of classy contemporary, artwork and master level craftsmanship. DEL MONDO is one of its kind destination which has best quality leather footwear at the most affordable prices.
We follow three basic principles to satisfy our customers i.e. “Quality”, “Authenticity” and “Trust”. Customer retention is the backbone of a successful business, our products speaks for themselves when it comes to the quality and will surely make long for more. That is why our motto is “Quality is Everything we do”.
DEL MONDO has pioneered as one of the top notch Manufacturers and Exporters of footwear’s in India and have retained its customers maintaining high standards of quality and timeliness.

We have a focused work culture
From the day one, we are passionate for making classy shoes. We know the pain of getting cheated with low-grade models that hurt your feet. Therefore, we have accepted the challenge of delivering products that are worth your admiration and are high in standards. We look forward to bring you the traditional approach, with decades of experience in craftsmanship, twisted with modern touch at the most affordable prices. Eventually, this has resulted in use maintaining a systematized work culture for all our entire DEL MONDO family. These practices sets us apart from the crowd and have given us a strong foundation which gives us surety to deliver the finest of products. We believe a strong work flow should be a priority for every project.

What makes us stand apart?
We have always believed that customers don’t need us, we need them! Therefore, customer satisfaction is always our sole purpose. Our customer service and in-store sales representatives always welcome the queries from our customers. Also, each one of the department in DEL MONDO is highly concerned with the customer orientation. Every individual work towards your interest, giving a detailed product descriptions and genuine photos of the shoes. We are passionate to give you high quality service satisfaction in each stage right from the shipping, packaging and pairing with complementary accessories. We are known for our timely deliveries because we are keen to see our customers happy and satisfied. We also welcome genuine suggestions and all kinds of loyal feedbacks. We are consistently working to update our products according to your feedbacks.

Transparency and Credibility
Right from the production to delivery, we have kept each and every detail as transparent as we could. The kind of leather we use, for the production of our shoes in the factory, to coordinating delivery routines with our logistics partner, we have nothing to hide. We are credible and transparent enough on each and every step.

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